SCD or Special Carbohydrate Diet, is a diet that removes those types of saccharides that our bodies cannot process completely or at all. I will attempt to explain the principles of SCD in layman’s terms. Should you be interested in a deeper and more accurate explanations, you can find them in Elaine Gottschall’s Breaking the Vicious Cycle.

Our bodies are able to completely absorb monosaccharides, or simple sugars, thanks to this, they are called fast sugars. The best monosaccharides are found in nature, fruits and vegetables, dried fruits. These foods bring their own enzymes and spend almost no time in the stomach so their energy is used to their maximum in the intestine. Fiber has its own purpose later on in colon.

The situation becomes markedly different when we consume disaccharides, such as grain, flour, refined sugar, lactose, maltose and others. The body needs to reduce these to monosaccharides before it can use their energy. The fact that these foods are processed and lacking enzymes notwithstanding. The body has to use its own enzymes and exert a lot of effort to process them. These foods also cause the body to be more acidic, which the body counters with its own reserves of alkali, calcium, from bones. Body can’t process the disaccharides completely and what remains goes to the intestines.

Our bodies have the most laborious work with polysaccharides, complex sugars, AKA starch. Examples would be potatoes, rice, corn, and other foods that you can find in our What to Eat – What Not to Eat. These have to be reduced to double and then to simple sugars. Among the people only peak athletes can use and absorb starch, everyone else sends the unprocessed remains to the intestines.

And here is the deal. The unprocessed remains are being feasted upon by bacteria living in our intestines, but more importantly the malicious bacteria that release toxins during their activities. These toxins can create inflammations, damage tissue, but also travel through bloodstream into the brain. There it can lead to such reactions as hyperactivity, dyslexia, and all kinds of other dysfunctions, but also epilepsy, or even autism.

That’s enough for now. Now the good news. First off, even though it’s a diet, you will not be forced to eat bland or even bad tasting meals. It’s exactly the opposite. The other good news is that SCD can stop any of the aforementioned (and many other unlisted) issues. The idea is, as many of you may suspect by now, is elimination of the negative complex sugars and starving out the enemy bacteria, by eating delicacies made from simple sugars. Thus healing the body and mind.

How long can results take? When it comes to mental issues caused by these toxins, results come faster. Mostly within a week or two, you will notice calming down and gradual disappearance of symptoms. Inflammations depend on the degree and the process can take up to two or three years. Marked improvement can be felt within months however. Now I speak from personal experience. During the recovery with SCD, specifically when it comes to inflammations, relapses do occur.

The first one most often comes after 3 or 5 months, another with a year. Some people have no relapse, others last longer than usual. It’s necessary to persevere and continue with SCD and wait for another improvement. Everyone is different. I myself went through two relapses, each lasting two months.

Elaine talks about returning to “regular” diet. I myself though, am not planning on any such thing after my experiences with SCD, because I never ate so well as I do now. And this return seems like a nonsense to me. After some time we eliminated meat, even though SCD does not prohibit it. The decision was spontaneous, our bodies just let us know. After that we both noticed improvement in our bodies and minds. But that depends on each one of us, how seriously do we take, what our bodies tell us.

It also depends on you if you decide to take the plunge with SCD or if you will cheat and make exceptions. In such case, you only cheat on yourself and will probably rationalize that it’s not working anyway and some such. The most important thing to realize here, that it’s time to stop damaging yourself.

If you love yourself and your body and you care for the vehicle for your brain, spirit, soul, mind or whatever you prefer to call it. And also you realize that this vehicle is the only one you are getting for this life. If someone gave you a car and told you it’s the only one you are getting for the remainder of your life, how would you treat that car? And how do you treat your body?

Last recommendation when it comes to doctors and medicine. If you are someone who has been taking pills for 15 years, like me, keep going to the appointments and checkups so you can monitor how much better you are getting. Eliminate the pills depending on the situation and after consultation with your doctor. If you mention SCD to your doctor or not, I leave that up to you. Some are curious and try it out on their other patients. Those that stopped receiving new knowledge after graduation and only make money from their job are better off not knowing. They will cause you problems.

If you are determined I invite you to Heal With Meal

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