I decided to go a bit deeper on the topic of Raw Food and explain it further, since it appears in so many of our recipes. So what are we talking about when we talk about raw food.
RAW_ovoce_Marky_SCD_recipes-42It is food that is raw – live food in which the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are preserved, these are needed for uninhibited and perfect digestion and good health. With any kind of heat based preparation, be it cooking, baking steaming or grilling over 42°C do we not only lose enzymes but the molecular structure is also transformed, our meals are now more acidic, which is undesirable. Such foods lose much of their nutritional value and our digestive system expends more effort to deal with them. What happens in the body when we eat a cooked meal is something I want to cover in a following post, but if you are impatient I encourage you to search on google. 😉

Raw Food is most commonly fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs. In our country we call it Vitarianism but it’s more commonly known as Raw Foodism or Rawism. Favorite helpers in the kitchen for this kind of diet are juicers, dryers, blenders or spiralizers, thanks to which some amazing meals can be made.

Mandle_SCD_recipes-10And what does Raw Food look like with SCD in mind?

Those healing themselves with SCD have it a tad more complicated. Rawism does not restrict the use of wheat, seeds, cocoa, rice extracts or syrups. As someone who follows SCD you must be aware of these, for example cocoa is toxic, extracts and syrups contain maltose just like beer, wheat is clearly off limits. Always refer to the  Legal – Illegal List, or write to us and we will happily help out.
I would also like to mention oatmeal and  blanched almonds. These foods are processed in heat over 42°C  so they stop being live. So if Raw Food seems appealing to you, be sure to inform yourself how different foods are prepared and processed, and whether they are suitable for you or not 🙂