Some of you might think it’s too simple. Others will not want to relinquish their beer and chips. Somebody else will object that they can’t start eating differently from the rest of the family. Or maybe it’s too expensive…

But now we are thinking about the can’ts and won’ts. But the thing at stake is nothing less than your own health. It’s about how you live the rest of your days and how many of them will there be. How many of them will be happy and full of joy and how many in pain and suffering.

Should you decide to stop hurting yourself and start listening to your body and start caring for it and love it, you will be surprised by some of the effects. After some time you won’t be able to remember what was hurting. You will focus your attention on something nicer and more fulfilling. You will enjoy life and the present moment.

I hope you will follow in our steps with determination and no unnecessary breaks, swift progress and no turning back. The past, same as the future does not exist, so focus on what IS happening right now.

Take our site as a starting point, the first step. Find what makes you happy, what makes you feel good and give your body the service it deserves. So your mind can travel through time and space as long and as comfortably as possible.

We wish you happy eating towards your perfect health.

Marky and Radek

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