An overdue thanks, for your support during my relapse during September and October 2015.
It all started at the end of summer holidays and ended with October. What helped the most was narrowing down my diet to easily digestible foods, such as broth, vegetable creams, fish. As little oil as possible, peeled fruit and steamed vegetable. Bananas were a trusty companions. SCD works !!!
I removed nuts during acute treatment. What caused my problems was work related stress and occasional cheating of the diet. Sometimes it’s not easy. Folic acid and B12 supplements helped, too.
I traveled to USA at the beginning of October and it was quite difficult to find the food I needed, so I basically starved with only bananas and eggs for about 5 days. I had the dubious honor of witnessing dieting habits of the US with my own eyes.

Hang on tight and good luck to everyone who wants to start SCD.

Best wishes, Peter

Peter Dvorak, Ulcerative colitis

Good evening Radek,
I would love to share with you my results from the diabetology check up which brought me great joy. After not even a full month of changing my diet, my long term blood sugar decreased by entire 11 units of HbA1c. Weight went down by 4 kg. It’s unbelievable. My provider was shocked and lowered the dosage of my medication. She started asking questions how did I manage this, and for now I kept it to myself, but I did tell her that it was mostly a large scale change in my diet. And it certainly is not keto! And I feel wonderful. We’ll see how it goes, but I am incredibly motivated and I am convinced I’ll get myself sorted.
I wish you and Marky a Merry Christmas
Best wishes, Magda

Good evening Radek,
Thank you in advance for all the advice and new information.

I am writing with another report, this time after 3 months in this new life-style. ♥️

from the “Journal of a diabetic”
I had another check up today. My provider was welcoming me in the door with a wide smile “How are you doing?”
And I can only reply “Fantastic”
She does not hesitate and says “With that blood sugar? I bet. You really have to tell me how did you do it. Your long term blood sugar levels (meaning my HbA1c) have dropped another 18,5 units ??? I reached 46,5 HbA1c, which is hard to believe.  This is just impossible, we will have to record you as an exceptional example.”

So in summary, in the 4 months of SCD:
body weight -8 kg
diabetes minus – 29,5 HbA1c

I am so happy that something finally works ♥️. I love Marky’s cookbooks. I fully believe in complete recovery and I wish to all unconvinced diabetics to find the courage to make the right decision.

P.S. I had my husband join me, he diets with me in solidarity and he managed to lose 17 kg of weight.
Warm regards, Magda

Magda Franczyk

Magda Franczyk
Me and my wife have lost weight to a decent amount, that we maintain with SCD without starving at all. But most of all, our health has improved a lot.
Wife has no more left side pain, which I attributed to large intestine, no joint pain, no heartburn. These weren’t random issues, but ones that came daily, almost unbearable at times.
I had a check-up in June, and besides my cholesterol dropping from 8 to 5, Docent told me that my PSA markers dropped significantly, too. Next check-up is in 2 months or up to one year. Subjectively, I feel much better.
I am seriously starting to believe that health issues aren’t a thing of family history, but inherited life-styles. Today I suspect where my father made his dietary mistakes. He was quite addicted to bread, even when he always had cooked meals available. In his old age, he had Parkinson’s and prostate carcinoma.
My addiction to sweets and nightly bread eating ended up with starting SCD. We bake our own bread from nuts. Dough is ready within 5 minutes. Wife is incredibly creative when it comes to the meal preparation, so I personally, do not share the feeling of the carrot lady, which you described in one of the previous webinars.

Thank you for everything and if you ever travel around Stare Splavy, we will gladly welcome you. Ivana and Marcel Tesar, those who eat well and feel well.

Ivana and Marcel Tesar,

Good day Radek and Marky,
I am enthusiastic, content and feel indescribably better than before SCD.

I am grateful you weren’t afraid and showed everyone the way by setting an example.

I have to admit, most people around me do not understand. Their most frequent question is: “So what DO you eat if you don’t eat bread or flour?”. I gladly answer every question. I take samples of SCD to my work. Everyone likes the taste, but then come the excuses… Co-workers: “…we don’t have time, if you cook for us, we will eat it! That SCD bread is really expensive…” and so on.
Even that I can answer now, my health is more important and valuable to me, than few extra crowns for ingredients which will be used to quality bread and more.
Also, I devised some tricks for my recipes (e.g. I don’t bake a loaf of bread, but 3 baguettes instead, each with different flavors) and I am really happy that today, I eat what I want and what I like with no guilt. Things that I avoided because of my environment (nuts are fatty, Parmesan is salty, fruits are sweet and ferment in intestines etc.). Today I eat it all when and how I want, I enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables in summer and fall.
Sometimes, I take a peek at other people’s shopping carts when I am doing groceries and I feel bad about people spending their hard-earned money on chemicals that do not help and even hurt them further.

I wish you both all the best and stay in good health, Jana J.

Jana J.

Good day

First of all, I would like to express thanks that I was able to partake in your program. My good friend referred me to you. We are both interested in healthy life-styles, since I personally, have had problems with my stomach for some years now. First ulcers and now something allegedly hereditary, I am not sure what it’s called, but stomach is not creating microflora properly and is then not protected against acidic environment. Which means, if I don’t take my medications I get severe stomach cramps. Another consequence is poor metabolism (so my provider says), which means I store all the fats.
I tried many different diet plans (even under medical supervision, which cost a lot of money) and I can say they worked to some extent, but then I put on much more weight than I had lost. After going through this program, or how should I call it “Heal with Meal” I had lost 10 kgs. And it really can be done without suffering.
I ride a bicycle and work on my cottage. During the summer holidays, when we had our grandchildren for three weeks with us, we traveled a lot, and during that time it wasn’t easy finding the right foods, I’m sure I would have lost even more weight, had I been able to fully focus on myself.
Before I forget I would like to mention that my instep pain, that I have been experiencing for years, which was so severe sometimes I couldn’t walk even with special footwear, had gone away entirely. Thankfully, this summer I could wear sandals even without padding that does not fit with them. That’s another piece of evidence to me, that changing diet is really beneficial and important.
I am very glad I got to enjoy and experience all this. Your recipes are very good. Not just the ingredients, but taste, too! Thank God for your recipes and you. I benefit from them greatly. Some of the meals I personalize. It’s all very good, even my husband, even though he will eat anything, always enjoys these meals very much.

Thank you for everything, Miládka :-)

Miladka F.

Good day,

thank you for your interest. I have had 4 months of experience with SCD now. My issue is colon cancer, I am after a successful surgery, but have metastasis in liver and lungs. I decided to add an alternative treatment on top of the standard one, I use baking soda and maple syrup, and it was a good idea to leave out the sweet. So I removed all sugar.
I found your website and gave it a shot. At the beginning it was not so good. I wasn’t sure about the food and mentally I was down, but I persisted. I also have the support of my family…

Ever since then my results are only better, tumor markers are going down and CT results are 20% improved. Currently, my weight went down, blood pressure is stabilized, so I only use one pill a day.

I am very thankful for your help, it definitely steered me right in the direction of good health. I tried many of your recipes, especially the sweet ones, they are amazing!!

Keep your energy and determination in your next endeavors!

Best of health to you both!


Jana K.

Hello Mr. Radek, I am eternally grateful that I found you. Your help and advice were amazing, it didn’t take more than three days before I started noticing improvement. Pain that has followed me for years disappeared. After such a long time of trying various medicines and products that cost a ton of money. All that had to be done was changing what I eat. My mood has shifted, I want to live again and I feel more energetic. Urine acid is gone. Back pain? Never heard of it. In the past I used to be a fruitarian and exercised advanced yoga, and to you I am grateful that I found joy in life again.

I also want to add my own quote: “Only wisely considered courage to make the right decision helps us advance further and allows us to taste the victory over ourselves, is also the path of originality and genius.”

That’s your story, you won over yourself, and that’s one of the hardest tasks a person can give themselves.

Many thanks and deepest respect, Jojka (Viola)


Good evening Radek and Marky.

I continue with my resolution to lose 20 kgs. I did reward myself for losing 10 kgs, but I am making up for it.
I report that my sugar is normal, I went for an hour and a half long hike and my legs were only a little bit tired. I know you might find this kind of description annoying, but perhaps someone else might find this helpful when coming to a decision about SCD.
I know that a fellow person’s happy result helped me decide.

Looking forward to your next videos.

Best regards, Nella

Nella Meyer

Good day,
I would like to thank you for providing all of the information about SCD.
I managed to get out of bed-ridden status, where I wasn’t even able to get dressed by myself. Joint pains, edema, inflammations, traveling all around my body, I used high doses of corticoids, but with no tangible results. I am on this diet for 14 days now, corticoids cut in half and I feel better by the day. Thanks to you I avoided hospital. Thank you very much and best of health to you.


Kristin F.

Greetings Radek and Marky,

I want to add my 2 cents. I have been on SCD for three months and I feel amazing.
At first I had troubles with gas, but even that has gone away now. After a year of spending almost all of my time on a toilet, this feels like an improvement for sure. I have been diagnosed with UC, which was still in acute phase in the summer. I faced hospitalization due to total exhaustion and serious anemia.
Recently I had a check-up and my blood test have improved. To some, unimaginable thing, to me, a great victory, I can ride the bus again, go for walks, without first looking up restroom availability. :-)
I look forward to the new cookbook. Your recipes are beautiful… date balls, muffins, honey spongecake, carrot cake… there is one downside though, I really have to watch myself, that I don’t eat everything in one sitting. Not even relatives can resist, those that don’t use SCD. Thank you again. Have a nice day and keep it up… Eva

Eva B.

Dear Radek, dear Marky,

with gratitude and humility I want to say thank you. At the beginning of this month, I had no idea how great of a change will I be able to experience. That, what I always wished for, is becoming real. Food is out of my mind. I only send it in the best way to my stomach where it belongs. It’s a miracle to me, what I managed to change with SCD. Mood shifts are gone, overeating, too. My atopic eczema and mucous, 7 kg of overweight, all gone… and suddenly I am content, well-adjusted, my confidence went up, I can do more things in time, I value my body more, it’s beautiful how quickly my body reacted to the change, even though I tortured it for so long.

I vouch for everything SCD stands for, it is thanks to you that I feel all these things. And it can happen to anyone. Thank you for your work and depth of your study behind the science of this subject. Your recipes, your attitude and how you basically serve it all on a silver platter for us.

Thank you, Misha

Misha C.

Mr. Radek,
I think of you and Marky on a daily basis with gratitude.
I don’t want to waste big words, but that’s just how it is.
You cannot even imagine how happy I am, thanks to SCD. After so many years I finally feel more alive than dead.
Years of infections not only of the nervous system, neuroborreliosis and misdiagnosed multiple sclerosis. Massive joint ache, deathly exhaustion, paralysis… body was on its way out. In my young age I was on my way to a wheel chair.
Who hasn’t gone through similar situation will never understand how miserable I felt.

In my mind, I thank you daily, with all my heart.
I have been on SCD for 5 months and I already feel like a completely new person. And I know this will continue.
Sometimes I feel like shouting: MAN, THIS IS AMAZING!!!
I’m sorry my children’s vocabulary creeps in on me :-)
But I know you and Marky understand how GREAT this all is and I am jumping with joy.
I am sure there are many people who see your videos and read your articles, who doubt you. Don’t believe you. Or are just very skeptical. I couldn’t believe it myself, at first. But I was so desperate, I decided to just go for it. lidi,
And what followed was truly incredible.

At this point I only have minuscule symptoms, which don’t limit me anymore. Most of my problems disappeared quickly, no more headaches, my eyesight has improved, nothing hurts, no joint does. I stopped getting the paralysis attacks, I am active and I can do a lot of work from morning to evening and I even have a good mood while at it. Not even a sign of PMS, I can walk or exercise no problem. In this season, kids bring all sorts of bugs, and even a common cold used to result in me being out of commission for 2 weeks, I simply caught everything. Now, everything is different, while family lies in bed with fevers, I rest up in the evening, get some herbs to support the immunity and the next day, the bug is gone! While the immunity has been going down for years, now it works like a clockwork! It’s beautiful when you can count on your body, something I didn’t believe would happen to me ever again.
And one more thing, maybe just a small detail. I never had trouble with my weight, but my body has shaped nicely, thinner waist and my belly deflated a bit.

In the last few years, people kept telling me how good I look, that they couldn’t even tell I am sick. And I also tried not to be a victim and a pitiful person, so most people had no idea what kind of problems I have.
But I can tell you, I look completely different now than before. I’m in the mood to smile just because… and smile I do :-) It’s just how you said it in one of the videos, a person is high on the substances their bodies create themselves…And that brings a relaxed mood, almost a euphoria. Just, joy of life. Living makes me so happy, like never before.
Just todat I met an acquaintance of mine, who was taken aback how good I look. And this keeps happening! It’s awesome how seriously amazed people are!
And you know what else is really fun? Every illness has mental symptoms too, not just physical. Like relationship imbalances. Of course I have been working on this for years, but now with SCD, everything is so much easier. I don’t know how is it possible but I can absolutely feel I am stronger mentally and clearly see what is wrong and what needs to be done. I used to be too kind to everyone, and they made use of it, they drained me of my energy I don’t need to emphasize that is over. I made short work of few of these “vampires”. I will not tolerate a certain kind of behavior anymore. This diet changed something in my body, my mind and perception. Everything is clear. And I take action to right the wrong in my life.

Now I am just looking forward to what else will the SCD bring. Because so far, it just keeps going up. How high can it go? How long will it keep getting better? If someone told me this story, I wouldn’t believe… I’d say the person is a fanatic, crazy or fool, but now, day by day, when life keeps getting better, my body gets stronger, even my relationships are happier, all the while savoring great food. I want for nothing.

Thank you again and again, a thousand times for what you are doing. You are doing an amazing work.