Important disclaimer right off the bat. If you identify yourself as a victim, who comes to an appointment, complains about the state of being and the only thing you want is a new prescription for the definitely-working-miraculous pill, so you yourself don’t have to do anything else and instead, prefer to continue self destructing, ignoring the source of your pains, merely silencing the symptoms. Do not read the following story and this website. They are not for you…

However, if you want your health back, be content with yourself, your weight, feel fresh and youthful, keep reading. Because if you are suffering from Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis , diverticulitis, coeliac disease, skin issues, cystic fibrosis, chronic diarrhea, or perhaps difficulty to concentrate, bad moods, hyperactivity, epilepsy, or you have someone in your family who is autistic, you are in the right place. The right diet and mental direction will help your body get out of any tight spot.

Ulcerative colitis (UC) – according to doctors, incurable disease that can be considered a great discomfort (those of you who have this condition can certainly describe it in many other terms), however…

A doctor that tells his patient that a disease is incurable is a villain that considers himself a God. My life with UC has given the disease a whole new meaning in the past few years. And I am not afraid to use such terms as second chance or blessing in disguise. It might be a cliché but it’s true and evolutionary.

In the year 1996 I was diagnosed with UC, an incurable disease coupled with diverticulitis I was not recommended any special diet, since one requires a lot of fiber and the other requires none. Nothing but alibi. So I started to eat various pills to find out which are effective. Later on, one especially engaged doctor put me on corticoids, even though there wasn’t much of a reason for it. My UC always affected around 15 centimeters of the end of the colon, nothing special, when I wasn’t in relapse. Who has any experience with corticosteroids probably knows what followed. Water retention, swollen head, stomach pains, weight gain, joint pains, rising pressure and other discomfort. After rejecting this treatment I was given non corticoid pills, suppressing immune reactions without many side effects, or any effects in fact. And let’s not forget colonoscopy checkups, another pleasurable pastime.

It’s important to say that our bodies create resistance to treatments and over time they become less effective. Doses are increased and symptoms are more frequent. One starts to suspect something is not right and some doctors start looking for alternate treatments. I tried to look around myself, but I was successful only in summer 2012 when a certain thing occurred. I like to call it “protagonist gets pissed”. Every story picks up the pace at such moment and it was no different for me. The detonator for this were two specific doctors, whose names I will not mention, mostly because I agree with the thought that if you don’t want something to grow, you pay no attention to it. After a strong relapse I was being thrown around between these two doctors like a hot potato and I was only met with arrogance. This led to two revelations.
The educated person in white coat is not interested in helping you. He is an employee of one of the most lucrative industries in the world. So when a person realizes such a thing, the fact that it’s just another business (hats off for the exceptions), they get the right amount of determination to take their health into their own hands. And that’s what I did.

I don’t know how many times have I done it before, but I looked again. I have to admit that I always believed in the abilities of human body and nature, but as most of the people, I was comfortably hypnotized by mass media. But this time I was convinced and ready, and that’s integral when embarking on the recovery. Notice that I am not talking about treatment, but recovery or cure. Because that’s the way it is. Doctors are treating you, nature is curing you. And it makes sense. Should a doctor say: “OK, you will eat this and you will stop eating this and in three months you should feel better.” how much money would that make him? Instead if he prescribes you with expensive pills, that only suppress the disease but keep it active, regularly uses some sort of rubber hose on you and orders expensive analyses and with a bit of luck go through the corticoids and finally surgical removal of the colon? Such a patient is worthwhile. And of course, the comfort of eating a pill so we can eat the garbage again in peace…
I wished to find a solution and I wished to stop eating 15 pills every day. I wished for it as a young boy wishes for a new bicycle. Honestly and with pure intent. And I found it. Inconspicuous website of Elaine Gottschall with content that I would love to carve into stone and place it somewhere memorable. I can’t carve, and so I made this website partly as a tribute to the woman who did everything to save her eight year old daughter. She also searched until she found what she was looking for. It was only the seventeenth doctor who asked her: “What does your daughter eat?” None of the previous doctors ever cared about such information. Just prescribe the pill and call it a day.
The first one who cared, was Sidney V. Haas, M. D. (1870-1964). A man that devoted his career to the research of how diet influences the human organism. A man whose work is not talked about very much, since it doesn’t correspond with the intent of the industry. Elaine Gottschall continued in his efforts and put the SCD back on the map with her book Breaking The Vicious Cycle.
And that’s where the story ends. In other words this is the end of one incurable colitis and begins a story of recovering from any illness. When you stop hurting your body and instead start believing in its powers and start helping it and nurturing it, you will not have to sit around in waiting rooms, complain about pain and reminisce about the times when everything was better. SCD is a great first step on this new path, this new life. If you are firmly decided to take your life back, feel free to join the club.

After a year of SCD I stopped taking all of the pills and never went back. And by the way, once you start eating the treats from this cookbook you will realize that you are quite lucky.

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