Allow me to introduce you to our brand new kitchen helper. Spiralizer also known as vegetable spiral slicer or spaghetti maker. We love noodles and that’s why we were coming up with ways how to prepare them for SCD right from the beginning. Only now do we have the perfect instrument for the task, however. Take a look 🙂


Hi, this is Marky and I would love to introduce you to our new kitchen helper called Spiralizer also known as spaghetti maker or vegetable spiral slicer. It’s really fantastic for making long noodles to go maybe with tomato pesto or perhaps avocado almond pesto.

Our first attempts were made with this beautiful green device. But there was a catch. The zucchini I could use had to be “this” thin and this long. Long story short, I had to adjust it just for the device. It looked a little like this.

Or I had to simply buy zucchini such that they fit perfectly. Then I had to use them like this, put this thing on. And then I can start making the noodles. As you can see, right now it’s working pretty well. Which is pretty lucky, I have a friend who has yet to be successful even once. So after borrowing it briefly, she respectfully returned it to me.

So now you got your spaghetti and it’s time once again to screw it back out, which is a bloody murder. And you got these “nice” leftovers. And you carry on, cut a bit more of the zucchini and so on and it takes like… half an hour or something.

And now back to our little darling.

This spiralizer or spiral vegetable slicer, has 3 attachments, you can remove them like this, you can change them like this. Here on the side you can see a description of how thick can the noodles be.

And now I will show you how to use it.

I have a prepared zucchini, stick it into this circle, and skewer it on the other side. We need to make sure the spiralizer is secure and doesn’t move around. To do that, push it in a little and make use of these marvelously smart suction cups in the bottom.

Everything is prepared, let’s get to work.

I have to say, working with this device, is truly a joy. It’s beautiful. We’re getting a little bit of tail up top, that’s fine. I will show you what you can do with it. Because… we don’t want anything to go to waste! I take the tail off and…well, I just eat it like that.

Just you wait, I have something prepared for you with the noodles.

OK, now we need to get the appliance off. To do that, the suction cups have these little switches. Pull them and off it goes, the spiralizer is liberated.

You can make your own long noodles like this.

And since I’m just so wonderful I have two choices for you. Either we have mango avocado dip. Mmmm. Or, tomato pesto. Have your pick.

You can find our recipe for tomato pesto on our site.

The mango avocado dip… is not yet on our site. But soon, it may appear.

And now all that’s left is to wish you a bon appétit.

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