RAW_ovoce_Marky_SCD_recipes-21My favorite season is back. It’s summer and with it comes all that is live and fresh.
Splendid time to go to the farmer’s market and get whatever I crave. 
Of course the choice, preparation and the amount needs to be in harmony with your condition, in other words it’s important to know which phase of the recovery process of SCD are you in. If you want to introduce raw fruits and vegetables to your diet, you need to keep the 5 phases of recovery in mind. Start slowly, one by one, so the body can get used to it and also to see if any specific food gives you trouble (for example for higher amounts of salicylate).

RAW_ovoce_Marky_SCD_recipes-27So how did I start with raw food when I had not enough information??
It was about 3 years ago, I decided to consume fruits raw, since that’s what I like best, fresh off the tree. 😉
I was so excited at the idea, I bought everything I could at the market. I started in the morning with a peach, then grapes, after that a nectarine, etc. I felt amazing. And in the evening, well, in the evening I couldn’t stand my stomachache. I felt awful. I felt like a bloated blimp. In the end I found solace in medicine that is usually reserved for over eating of regular food, like full course meal. 🙂 I realized that too much of anything hurts, it’s important to listen to the body and most importantly! You need some basic information on how to start with this kind of thing. You can’t just hop on the saddle and be done with it, body need to adjust and that needs time. 
That’s why I am so glad for having found SCD, which allowed me to eat healthy, but also it helped me to transition into Raw Food diet. It’s not necessary for you to do the same, eating only raw food. SCD has opened my eyes and I dare speak for myself and for Radek when I say that we wouldn’t voluntarily go back to “regular” food. 

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