During our free SCD video course and our SCD webinars, many questions have been raised regarding nuts, and grinding for flour. I decided to sum up as much information as possible with the assistance of Elaine – her site and other co-creators who research the SCD and put it all in the blog. Most frequently used kinds of nuts, their benefits and how to use them efficiently. Which kind to use and when to add them (in which phase) in regards to various diseases. We will cover such topics in our upcoming member’s section where those of you who didn’t catch the webinars can find a lot of information for the best start of SCD and it’s success.

ALMOND – contain large amounts of flavonoid if they are sufficiently represented in the diet, which with SCD is not a problem, they help decrease the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Fats in almonds – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, they help protect the heart against for example Ischemic Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, and also protect blood vessels, for example atherosclerosis.
Next, they contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, these minerals help reduce high blood pressure and defend against the buildup of arterial hypertension – which is a chronic high pressure in the bloodstream.
Almonds can decrease the levels of LDL blood cholesterol thanks to phytosterol. They contain up to 55% of fat, it’s worth noting when eating too much of them. :D

Almonds are beneficial to our body and health and regular consumption is recommended for the heart, bloodstream, blood pressure, but also in these cases:

1/ pregnant and nursing mothers, almonds contain important nutrients for good development of the fetus and infants, almond milk helps improve the quality and amount of breast milk
2/ cancer prevention – almonds are alkaline
3/ hair, nail, bone and enamel growth
4/ helps the recovery process of osteoporosis and demineralization of bones
5/ excellent source of energy especially for people with diabetes
6/ support of immune system
7/ strengthen the nerve system, help manage stress and tiredness
8/ they give the body energy and vitality necessary for hard working people and athletes

Almonds are recommended to be eaten fresh, but that goes for those who are healthy or those of you who reached phase 5 of SCD. According to SCD “rules” it’s important to know when to add almonds into the diet because healing ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s and some others diseases, eating fresh almonds (especially with skin) is not appropriate, they irritate the bowels!!

Almond MILK
Almond milk can replace cow milk – which contains lactose – a disaccharide (double sugar) which is why so many people suffer from skin issues, allergies and milk intolerance. How can we make it at home? Recipe HERE.
Almond milk is rich in calories and nutrients, it’s very good for children, in particular children with mental illness such as ADHD, because it contains high amounts of linoleic acid and phosphor, which benefit mental performance.

Perhaps I could go on, but for now this should be more than enough to cover the basics, we may go even deeper later on. :)

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