Please refrain from asking questions like: Why can’t we eat chocolate… or kohlrabi…
If you have a favorite type of food and it happens to be listed as unsuitable for SCD, it is because it contains complex sugars, disaccharide or polysaccharide, or incites excessive immune reactions, irritates bowels or otherwise complicates your healing process via SCD.

Acorn Squash Legal
Agar-agar Ilegal
Agave syrup Illegal
Algae Illegal
Allspice Legal
Almond Butter Legal
Almond Milk Legal
Almond Oil Legal
Almonds Legal
Aloe Vera Ilegal
Amaranth Flour Illegal
Anchovies Legal
Apple Cider Legal
Apple Juice Illegal
Apples Legal
Apricots Legal
Arrowroot Illegal
Artichokes (French) Legal
Artichokes (Jerusalem) Illegal
Ascorbic acid Legal
Asiago Cheese Legal
Asparagus Legal
Aspartic acid Legal
Astragalus Illegal
Avocado Oil Legal
Avocadoes Legal
Bacon Legal
Baker’s yeast Illegal
Baking powder Illegal
Baking soda Legal
Balsamic Vinegar Illegal
Bananas Legal
Bark Tea Illegal
Barley Illegal
Basil Legal
Bay Leaf Legal
Bean Flour Illegal
Bean Sprouts Illegal
Bee Pollen Illegal
Beef Legal
Beer Ilegal
Beets Legal
Berries Legal
Bhindi Illegal
Bitter Gourd Illegal
Black Beans Legal
Black eye beans Illegal
Black radish Legal
Blue cheese Legal
Bok Choy Legal
Bologna Illegal
Bouillon cubes Illegal
Bourbon Legal
Brandy Illegal
Brazil nut Legal
Brick Cheese Legal
Brie cheese Legal
Broccoli Legal
Brussel Sprouts Legal
Buckwheat Illegal
Bulgur Illegal
burdock root Illegal
Butter Legal
Butter beans Illegal
Buttermilk Illegal
Butternut squash Legal
Cabbage Legal
Camembert Cheese Legal
Canellini beans Illegal
Canned fish Legal
Canned fruits Illegal
Canned Vegetables Illegal
Canola oil Legal
Cantaloupe Legal
Capers Legal
Carob Illegal
Carrageenan Illegal
Carrots Legal
Cashews Legal
Cauliflower Legal
Celeriac Legal
Celery Legal
Cellulose (supplement) Legal
Cellulose gum Illegal
Cereals Illegal
Cilantro Legal
Cinnamon Legal
Citric Acid Legal
Club Soda Legal
Cocoa powder Illegal
Coconut Legal
Coconut milk Legal
Coconut oil Legal
Coffee Legal
Coffee (instant) Illegal
Colby cheese Legal
Collard Greens Legal
Cordials Illegal
Corn Illegal
Corn oil Legal
Corn Syrup Illegal
Cornstarch Illegal
Cottage cheese Illegal
Courgette Legal
Cranberry Juice Legal
Cream Illegal
Cream cheese Illegal
Cream of Tartar Illegal
Croscomellose sodium Illegal
Cucumbers Legal
Custard apple Legal
Cyclamate Legal
Chard Legal
Cheddar Cheese Legal
Cheese Legal
Cherimoya Legal
Cherries Legal
Chestnut flour Illegal
Chestnuts Legal
Chevre Illegal
Chewing gum Illegal
Chick peas Illegal
Chickory root Illegal
Chlorella Illegal
Chocolate Illegal
Date sugar Illegal
Dates Legal
Decaffeinated products Illegal
Dextrose (commercial products) Illegal
Dried mild solids Illegal
Drumsticks Illegal
Dry curd cottage cheese Legal
Durum flour Illegal
Edam Cheese Legal
Eggplant Legal
Eggs Legal
Echinacea Legal
EMPower Illegal
Ethanol Legal
Evaporated Cane Juice Illegal
Ezekiel Bread Illegal
Faba beans Illegal
Fenugreek Illegal
Feta Cheese Illegal
Figs Legal
Filberts (hazelnuts) Legal
Fish Legal
Flax seed Illegal
Flax seed oil Legal
Flour Illegal
FOS Illegal
Fowl Legal
Frozen orange juice (concentrated) Illegal
Fructose (granulated) Illegal
Fruits (canned) Illegal
Garbanzo beans Illegal
Garfava flour Illegal
Garlic Legal
Gelatin (unflavored) Legal
Ghee Legal
Gin Legal
Ginger Legal
Gjetost cheese Illegal
Glucose candy Illegal
Glycerin Legal
Glycerol Legal
Goatein Illegal
Gorgonzola cheese Legal
Gouda Cheese Legal
Granulated Glucose Illegal
Grape juice Legal
Grapefruit Legal
Grapefruit juice Illegal
Grapes Legal
Grapeseed oil Legal
Green tea Legal
Gruyere cheese Legal
Guar Gum Illegal
Gums Illegal
Ham Legal
haricot beans Legal
Havarti cheese Legal
Hazelnuts Legal
Hemp seed, hemp protein powder Illegal
HN-Zyme Legal
Homemade Yogurt Legal
Honey Legal
horseradish sauce Legal
Hot dogs Illegal
hydrolyzed protein Illegal
Ice cream Illegal
Inositol Illegal
Inulin Illegal
Iron Supplements Illegal
Isoglucose Illegal
Jaggery Illegal
Jalapenos Legal
Jicama Illegal
Juice from concentrate Illegal
Kale Legal
Kefir Illegal
Ketchup Illegal
Kidney beans Illegal
Kimchi Legal
kiwi Legal
kohlrabi Illegal
Konjac Illegal
Kudzu Illegal
Kumquats Legal
Kyogreen powder Illegal
L-theanine Legal
Lactaid Milk Illegal
lactose hydrolyzed milk Illegal
Lamb Legal
Lecithin Legal
Leek Legal
Lemons Legal
Lentils Legal
lettuce Legal
leucine Legal
Licorice Illegal
Lignin Illegal
Lima beans Legal
Liqueurs Illegal
Liquid Clorychlorophyll Illegal
Macadamia nuts Legal
Macadamia oil Legal
Magnesium citrate Legal
Magnesium stearate Legal
Maltitol Illegal
Maltodextrin Illegal
Mangoes Legal
Manchego cheese Legal
Mannitol Illegal
Maple syrup Illegal
Margarine Illegal
Marshmallow Illegal
Mastic gum Illegal
Mead Illegal
meats Legal
meats (canned) Illegal
meats (processed) Illegal
melatonin Illegal
melon Legal
Milk Illegal
millet Illegal
Miracle noodles Illegal
Miso Illegal
Molasses Illegal
Molo-cure Illegal
Monterey Jack Cheese Legal
Mozzarella cheese Illegal
MSG Illegal
Mucilaginous herbs Illegal
mucilaginous polysaccharides Illegal
muenster cheese Legal
Mungbeans Illegal
mushrooms Legal
mustard Legal
natural Flavors Illegal
Natural cheese Legal
Navy beans Legal
Nectarines Legal
Nettles Illegal
Neufchatel cheese Illegal
Noni juice Illegal
Nutmeg Legal
Oats Illegal
Okra Illegal
Olive oil Legal
Olives Legal
onions Legal
orange juice Legal
Oranges Legal
Oregano Legal
Papaya Legal
pappadum Illegal
Paprika Legal
Parmesan cheese Legal
Parsley Legal
parsnips Illegal
Passion fruit Legal
pasta Illegal
Pau Arco Illegal
Pea flour Illegal
peaches Legal
peanut butter Legal
peanut oil Legal
peanuts Legal
pears Legal
peas Legal
Pecans Legal
Pectin Illegal
peppermint tea Legal
peppers Legal
peptizyde Legal
persimmons Legal
phosphatidylcholine Legal
Pickles (dill) Legal
Pine nuts Legal
Pineapple Legal
Pineapple juice Illegal
Pinto beans Illegal
Pistachio nuts legal
plantains Illegal
plums Legal
Polysorbate 80 Illegal
pomegranate concentrate Illegal
Pork Legal
pork rinds Legal
Port du salut chese Legal
Port wine Illegal
Postum Illegal
Potassium Sorbate legal
Potatoes Illegal
poultry legal
primal defence Illegal
Primost cheese Illegal
Processed cheeses Illegal
Protein powder Illegal
provolone cheese legal
Prunes Legal
Psyllium husks Illegal
Pumpkin Legal
Pumpkin (canned) Illegal
Quinoa Illegal
Quorn Illegal
Raisins legal
Rhubard Legal
Rice Illegal
Rice bran Illegal
Rice flour Illegal
Ricotta cheese Illegal
Romano cheese Legal
Roquefort cheese Legal
Rosemary Legal
Rutabaga Legal
Rye Illegal
Saccharine Legal
Safflower oil Legal
Sage Legal
Sago Starch Illegal
sake Illegal
salt Legal
sashimi Legal
sauerkraut Legal
Seaweed Illegal
Seed butters Illegal
seed flour Illegal
seeds Legal
sesame oil Legal
sesame seeds Illegal
sharifa Legal
shellfish Legal
sherry Illegal
Silica Legal
Silicon dioxide Legal
Slippery elm Illegal
Smoked meats Illegal
sodium benzoate Legal
sodium starch glycinate Illegal
Sorbitol Illegal
sour cream Illegal
soy Illegal
Soy lecithin Legal
Soy sauce ilelgal
soybean milk Illegal
soybean oil Illegal
soybeans Illegal
spearmint tea Legal
spelt Illegal
spices Legal
spinach Legal
spirulina Illegal
Splenda Illegal
split peas Legal
sprouted grain bread Illegal
squash Legal
stevia Illegal
stilton cheese Legal
string beans Legal
sucralose Illegal
sulphites Legal
sunflower oil Legal
Swede legal
sweet potatoes Illegal
Swiss cheese Legal
Tabasco sauce Illegal
tagatose Illegal
tamari Illegal
tamarind Illegal
tangerines Legal
tapioca Illegal
tapioca flour Illegal
taro Illegal
tarragon Legal
tea Legal
Thyme Legal
Tofu Illegal
tofutti cheese Illegal
tomato Legal
tomato juice (canned) Legal
tomato paste (canned) Illegal
tomato puree (canned) Illegal
tomato sauce (canned) Illegal
triticale Illegal
turbinado Illegal
turnips Illegal
V8 juice Illegal
Vanillin Legal
vegetable stearate legal
vegetables (canned) Illegal
vinegar Legal
vodka Legal
Walnut oil Legal
walnuts Legal
wasabi Legal
water chestnuts Illegal
watercress Legal
watermelon Legal
wheat Illegal
wheat germ Illegal
whisky Legal
Xanthum gum Illegal
xylitol Illegal
Yams Illegal
yoghurt (commercial) Illegal
yoghurt (homemade) Legal
yucca root Illegal
Zucchini Legal