There is another recurring question in our consultations, mails and webinars, why does our legal – illegal list not specify whether to eat or not to eat exotic fruit – passion fruit, persimmon, papaya, etc. Our answer to that is, we do not recommend them. Especially in the winter season.

Our advice is as follows… If you crave such fruit, you’d better go and treat yourself to it in those places where such fruits grows naturally, in the sun and the proper climate. We believe that eating something that we don’t know the real taste of is folly. And remember, there is a whole lot of chemistry applied to the fruit so it survives its odyssey all the way to where we live. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that in the winter season, the bacteria in our biome are adapted to live off of protein. It’s far better to direct your focus on substance that is natural for your geographical position, rather than invading the diet with exotic elements and thus, damaging the balance of our body. Disrespecting this idea is something I tried myself and I have some results to show for it. :)

“I crave some mango” and it wasn’t the first time I ever ate one. Despite that, I experienced an exemplary allergic reaction. After 3 hours I got rash and it was clear to me, that it’s from the mango, and mistakes were made. But who would have guessed! Well, I should have known better, there is no one to blame but myself. :D But that’s the role of mistakes in our lives, to learn from them.

You can see pictures of my arm and finger, which got swollen over night, and I had to remove my engagement ring with the help of coconut oil. Don’t even ask where the allergy reared its head, it’s (almost) everywhere! :))) Itchy like a devil and it’s quite uncomfortable.
But it’s not the fruit’s fault. Mango is an amazing fruit and it has many positive effects on us. It’s the chemicals that protect it that might not agree with everyone. :) I’m not saying this will happen to everyone, you might be totally fine. :))

It’s just good to realize, that together with the fruit’s vitamins we are letting an unwanted cocktail of chemicals in our body and as I said before, not even our “bugs” in our guts can’t really deal with these visitors… Oh, this is very itchy, well, I can’t really do anything about it, just gotta wait it out. Now, shall I eat another mango here in winter? :)
I think I will listen to my body’s message, which was loud and clear and choose not to experience another disaster.

We always have a choice when it comes to Christmas decorations of the dining table, I say choose your native fruit, in our case that would be something like apple or pears, preferably from a local farm who takes good care of their stock. It might not be exotic but it’s still more than satisfactory when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

Finally, my favorite PS – bananas and coconuts are an exception among the exotic. Coconut is a powerful antibacterial and bananas have the unique ability to ripen in any climate. Even citrus fruits are fine, but don’t eat them in the evening, don’t feed the yeast.

Eat well and be well, and consider any reactions from your body as convenient, positive and useful,
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