We talk about how to eat out in a restaurant and stick to SCD in our Guide. What to ask for and not hesitate to ask for a different preparation of a meal.

And so we visited our favorite Italian restaurant in our city of Brno, Castellana Trattoria, which is owned by our old friend Sergio Bellini. An amazing person and excellent chef for whom cooking is a lifelong passion. There are many articles about his life available on the internet but unfortunately they are only in Czech language, perhaps you might be able to find some in Italian?

But allow me to get back on track. Our goal was clear, show you that you don’t need to travel all the way to Italy if you want some gourmand meals. And if Brno in Czech republic has a place like this, I am sure you will be able to find similar establishments in your country as well! The key here is, in almost any restaurant, you can eat in peace and still have plenty of choices (while staying true to SCD). And for example Italian cuisine is not just pasta all day every day.

We met up with our friends Petra and Pavel in the evening at the place itself, which has a very cozy atmosphere. The personnel takes care of you as if you are family and you feel right at home. They are with you at all times or at least ready at a moment’s notice and they guide you through the journey of picking the right meal and drinks. You can discuss the way how a meal should be prepared for example, if a fish has a serving of roasted potatoes, they immediately come up with a way to replace said ingredient for your optimal enjoyment. Like I said, if you dine in a place where cooking is done you can arrange almost anything, unless the meals are ready made in which case you probably weren’t after a truly quality meal in the first place…

With Radek we picked our order in regard to SCD, our friends despite not sharing our diet ended up ordering as if they were in the end :)))) Sergio was with us for a while, regaling us with the specifics of the preparation processes and during this time others tried specialties that are specific to the area Sergio grew up in – an Italian town Castelnovo ne’ Monti. As far as what we could try, there was a host of choices, salami with Castelnovo Monti pepper, dried pork neck, lardo or dried ham (dextrose free) or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Which was served with a baguette or home made bread, which was unfortunately off limits for us SCD guys. So in case you want some bread, you can take some from your own reserves, that is not a problem. ;)

As aperitif, a dry sparkling wine from our favorite company (LINI 910) was served. They are also known to us for their top quality balsamic vinegar. During the meal and after it we of course drank clear water, which is very important, but also some other Italian dry wines.

Thinking back, it was quite the gastronomical experience. What can I say, sometimes it’s important to go all out like this, but for me personally, it was important that we spent our time together with the people we care about.

You can see what we ate in the gallery, you won’t be able to see Radek, not that he was eaten, but he was taking the pictures :)
Have a beautiful day and eat well and be well, Marky

Menu: Tagliata – sliced pork steak on rocket (arugula) salad, Parmesan and tomatoes
Orata all´acqa pazza – gilt head bream fillet with olives, tomatoes and salad
Grigliata mista di pesce – grilled fillet from wolffish, salmon, swordfish, squid and mixed-leaf salad

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