“Immunity is in the gut” … have you heard this one before?

Yes? I would definitely hope so! 🙂

When you first heard of this, did something occur to you?

Did this short little statement make you think?

Immunity is in the gut.


Hello, this is Marky, Immunity is in the gut – Have you heard this one before? I’m sure that you must have. What did you think when you first heard of this? Did this short statement make you consider things? Immunity is in the gut. It has been a few years since I first encountered the pairing of immunity – gut. Yes I received this information, but what to do with it? I’m healthy aren’t I? At the time I didn’t realize what it means to be really healthy the way most of us imagine it. What do I mean? The fact that we overlook small signals the body gives us, on our skin, with headaches, stomachache, joint pain, back pain, etc. body is letting us know “Look, what you’re eating or the way you are thinking (for example envy, fear, despair, constant fighting) is not good for you.” Not only do we ignore these signals as signals from our body that we need to attend to immediately, we often think or hope that they will simply go away with time. We don’t have time.

I confess freely that the first time I’ve heard of the gut immunity, I didn’t think too much about it, I didn’t feel like it concerns me, it went in my one ear and went out the other. Immunity is in the gut, and so what? And today this is one of the most important things in general, simple and obvious. Immunity is in the gut! Our lives are so simple after all. It seemed strange to us that it is this way, so we slowly made things more complicated and harder to understand for ourselves. It’s because we as human beings are really amazing at making life as complicated as possible, even the idea that healing ourselves by loving ourselves seems too simple. “Is that even possible?” Of course it is. Immunity is in the gut. If the intestines are healthy and able to absorb vitamins, minerals, nutrients from quality food, then the immunity is perfect. And you can get to this working and healthy state by following SCD. Immunity is in the gut. It’s something that really just makes sense to us, in regards to SCD. We often talk about this during our webinars, we talk about how food influences the state of the gut and how SCD helps the gut recover to good health. We talk about how SCD allows us to get our body into a self recovery state. One of the other topics on our webinars is the effect of SCD on the brain – Brain loves Drugs.

We talk about how the process of healing with SCD affects our thinking, what you eat is not only important for the body but also the mind. Everything is connected. When the gut is working, the head is working, they mutually inform each other. I will never cease to be in awe of the human body, how amazing and smart it is. Why do I mention all this. I wanted to put up an article with a picture that says “Our body is a temple, the one car we get for our life”, an affirmation kind of thing. And Radek said that maybe I should expand on this idea. Coincidentally today I saw a video where someone talked about how Brain affects what we have in our gut and what we eat affects our brain. Back to my initial thought. We have only one body. Well and truly.

One for our entire life. We don’t have any used bodies shops or brand new body stores, we can’t simply toss away our spent shell and buy a new one. It’s true that some organs are successfully transplanted but can we realistically count on that? Can we be sure those will work for us fine? Brain influences what we have in the gut. What do you have in your gut? Have a beautiful day

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