I celebrated my birthday on Sunday, May 11th. I would have never thought that I would share this publicly, but since it’s such an occasion with such round number, which is 40, I decided to write some insights and thoughts on what is it like being a 40 year old woman :) Reason is, most of my older girl friends were very afraid of this number. I heard stuff like: “God, I am SO old.” or “Nothing good awaits me now.” even “Men don’t find me attractive anymore.” “I have so many wrinkles, my skin isn’t what it used to be.” “I am old.”

Marky_kulatiny_XV Where did these thoughts come from. How did such things even occur to us? I thought: “Oh my god, what am I going to do with such big number?” And when the day came closer and closer I realized I am not worried. No fear of the world thinking I’m “old”. I don’t feel that I look noticeably older and not even a bad mood was in sight. Maybe it’s just me being stubborn about my age and not admitting it…perhaps :P

I’m not saying there were NO changes whatsoever. A wrinkle here and there. Most visible changes are in the way I think, my opinions and how I perceive the world and myself. So yes, wrinkles, but far fewer than I expected out of the classic 40 year old.

I myself keep thinking what is it that I do differently when others tell me that I look far younger than my age, which of course makes me feel very good about myself. I just think it’s the fact I take care of myself. I care for the body inside, and the soul. My current world view was very much inspired by my beloved Louise L. Hay. Thanks to her books (which I read almost all of them) I’m learning to love myself the way I am and who I am. Pity I couldn’t look at myself with the eyes I posses now. I’m still learning how to be better to myself, kinder, because loving yourself, fully with no exceptions is really the most important thing. One of the benefits when we love ourselves is that we feel good, and when we feel good we radiate. It’s the inner beauty that makes us so interesting. Beauty that attracts others. It really isn’t the new hair color or lipstick.

Mallorca_2015_107-1024x683 Caring for the inside of the body, i.e. good food, is another means of not worrying too much about your age. I now know what great POWER does food have. I can use creams for acne, cover rashes with long sleeves, go to the doctor and get some pills and other creams. But what is it good for? I don’t want to hide myself, I don’t want to stay in such a state that I am ashamed of myself when I want to wear swimsuit. I like uncovering myself :)) Thanks to my experience with SCD and progressing to raw diet I have the opportunity to watch my body react and give back the care I have given it. Body can show appreciation. It does so by being beautiful and working well. We often forget that the body has perfect memory. It can go back to peak condition if we stop harming it and instead give it what makes it strong. Also if you eat raw foods it can slow down the aging process, regenerate and revitalize. Diet and care for the body is clear, but the way we think about ourselves is inseparable. Having a good mood and positive thoughts throughout the day, doing interesting work, that makes you happy, having hobbies, good friends is desirable when it comes to proper care of your body.

Mallorca_2015_064 I feel that the reason why women are so afraid of growing old is the society in which we live, the way it’s set, I would say is bonkers. We sort of forgot to just be “women” and instead we learned to be “superwomen” – mothers and businesswomen at the same time, caretaker of the house and garden, sportswomen, scientists, artists and who knows what else. That’s not reasonable, there isn’t enough time for all of this. I propose not worrying about the number of candles on the cake and how much time we have left. I propose focusing our attention on ourselves, our womanhood, as much as possible. Let’s not program ourselves by the society, the media, what the average age of men and women is, tactfully telling us that our time has come. To me, that’s an obvious manipulation and I think life is completely different. I don’t believe the average age is 80 – 85. With the right mindset and self care we can enjoy our lives far longer and in great health. What do you think? Are you enjoying yourselves or is life throwing you around for a loop? Do you think that media and society influences how we think and how we live?

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