TOPIC: Baby food jars from the factory vs. Baby food jars from mom

First off, do you prefer health or comfort?
My question is simple, yet principal. It shows us what is our relationship to ourselves and to our family.
Which of these groups do you find yourself in?

First category are people who want to be healthy and these people realize that caring for our bodies is an important part of our lives. Time spent on exercise, careful selection and preparation of food, absorbing new knowledge, pursuing self improvement, all of this is an investment in health. These people know it takes time and more effort, but they know exactly what and why they are doing it! It makes sense to them. They lovingly take care of their body and the body gives them the love back.

Second group are people who also want good health, but they don’t really want to exert an effort. They don’t like limiting themselves – pizza is too good to pass up, right? A hamburger or two each week can’t be THAT bad, right? And I can totally handle that pie from grandma, right? Fast food this evening will at least let me relax and I don’t have to cook, that is good, right? These people do not read articles on health or healthy lifestyles. And when some information about health improvement reaches them, they act as if they can’t hear. We mustn’t forget about time, which has a huge impact on our lives. We want to save it as much as possible, but for that, we need to make a lot of compromises. We eat at restaurants or buy ready-made meals. Just to get it done quickly and without work.

Do you feel like I got off on a tangent and lost my train of thought? It might look like it, but by the time you finish reading you will understand why I started so broadly. And I guarantee, reading this will NOT be a waste of your time in the slightest. Let’s go!

Baby food Jars from factory vs homemade

Detska_vyzyva_Marky_SCD_recipes-11Why do we care about baby food jars from convenient stores in the first place? It all started when Radek discovered the SCD diet, with which he decided to treat his Ulcerative colitis. Of course it’s not just a diet, it’s a more substantial lifestyle and nutrition plan. And it is also what made us interested in Raw food.

Who is already familiar with SCD knows, that you begin with broths, soups and puree from fruits and vegetables, mostly because the affected intestine needs to stop being irritated and must be allowed to relax. That means eliminating unsuitable foods and substances, among which is also fiber. So I got to work with fruit purees from apples and pears, into which I added cinnamon, tack or vanilla and sweetened it with honey. Radek likes sweets so the fruit pureetties as he likes to call them, grew on him quickly.

One time we went shopping, Radek stopped by the aisle with baby food jars and investigated the ingredient labels. He was curious to see if kids nowadays eat such treats as him. Surprisingly enough, these wonderful jars weren’t as amazing as we were led to believe. It pretty much kept us up at night, so we decided we have to do something about it. The least we could do is write about it in our blog, and let people know. It took me a while, I still thought about how to approach the subject and I was a bit dissuaded to put it forward. If it wasn’t for one article on the internet, on a blog that I know is very popular around these parts. It read “Bought baby food jars are healthier than homemade ones”, it was in the column TEST and Consumer. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I almost flipped my table! The nerve!
I realized you can write absolutely whatever you want on the internet. Truthful or not, who cares. It’s clear to anyone who educates themselves at least a little bit, that this whole thing is a farce, companies order these tests and the results are influenced by substantial financial injections. Everyone, let us guide ourselves by our experiences and common sense!

The article said that most store bought jars are almost completely fine, whereas homemade from spring vegetables tend to have too much sodium and nitrate. Experts suggest that these jars should contain minimum amounts of sodium and children should not be served any salt at all.
Allow to quote Dr. Pavel Frühauf, head physician of children’s clinic and youth medicine of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles’ University: “The quality of baby food jars affect what will people fall ill with or succumb to within the next 50 years. Higher amounts of sodium in diet increases cardiovascular risks and can, for example, cause high blood pressure in adulthood.” And that’s what caught my eye, as a “dietary expert”. What the doctor says is true, except one thing. It’s not going to be within 50 years, but much much earlier. The assessment, I take it, is supposed to divert attention from the more important and more harmful components. Components that have major negative influence on our children’s health. And that’s why I’m writing this article.

Jablka_Hrusky_Marky_SCD_recipes-11Personally, I heartily disagree with the article. Simply no way factory produced jars are more healthy than the homemade ones. Does anyone think the producers care about the fruit’s quality? Quantity is king here. In such case, not even spoiled produce is not an exception. Take a look at tests on tomato pastes and juices. You might be surprised what sorts of ingredients are present. You might even never buy such a product again.
If you care about this topic, take a good look at the fruit to vegetable ratio. Some companies label their products as sugar and gluten-free. Seriously? Why would fruit of all things, be sweetened with sugar? And what the hell would wheat be doing there, anyway? Why?
Bought jar that is made up of 30% of fruit can hardly be called “nutrition”, and that is quite alarming. What’s the other 70%?

Fortunately there ARE some jars that contain higher ratio of fruit. But those hide something else, it’s always like this. That’s why I suggest making your own, like our mothers and grandmothers used to.
The biggest reason is the white powder, that has no taste or smell. We all know it. STARCH. Starch is present in an incredible amount of products and baby food jars are one of them (the intro photo is me holding one such jar that contains modified starch, producers aren’t even trying anymore). So why is starch such a big deal?

Starch or in other words, complex sugars are extremely hard for human body to process. Before the body can use it as nutrition, it first needs to expend energy and effort to reduce it to double sugars and those to single sugars. Human body is not fit to process these complex sugars and with the exception of peak athletes, we can’t even process the double sugars fully. Regular person’s undigested remains travel into intestines, where bad bacteria feast on them. Those then create toxins that are spread through the blood stream and create inflammations and can even reach the brain. Which can result in various mental issues, such as hyperactivity, dysfunctions, epilepsy and even autism.
Some unfortunate parents are at their wit’s end with their children’s abnormal activity, impulsiveness or irritability. All these issues may be caused by overpopulation of bacteria, that sits in the intestine. You will not “evict” them, until you starve them out. Which translates to, eliminating complex and double sugars, aggressively. An old word to the wise, when a farmer’s cow started getting a bit crazy, first thing he does, stop feeding it wheat.

Detska_vyzyva_Marky_SCD_recipes-10Sounds a little too easy? Is such thing even possible? A resounding YES! You might retort: “Yeah, yeah, but the DOCTOR said…” I get it, but before someone diagnoses your child with hyperactivity or some other dysfunction, try SCD. Just give it a shot. In the case of brain dysfunctions, you won’t even need to wait for results very long. After starting with this lifestyle, results should start rolling in within 2 or 3 weeks. But let’s get back to the store bought jars. Labels say their products do not, in fact, include sugar. Instead, it is full of wheat, potatoes and rice, especially in the case of vegetable flavors, but that’s the double and complex sugar again! Starch is the leading culprit when it comes to special ingredients. Always read the labels! We pump our children with double and complex sugars and their little bodies are doing their best to somehow deal with it. And that’s when we don’t understand why are their moods all crazy.

Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and other diseases are not exclusive to adults. Very young people and even children are vulnerable. If we want to be healthy, first thing to do, is to stop hurting ourselves. But also stop letting ourselves be hurt. I understand that many people will just dismiss this and say they are fine and so is their family. But, and it really pains me to say, that is most likely not the case. It’s just that you are not feeling the symptoms yet…

Finally, there is one more example I have to show you. If your car’s recommended fuel is gasoline, will you pour castor oil in the tank? Probably not, car would be useless pretty soon after. So then, if we know that double and complex sugars are not suitable fuel for us, why should we intentionally damage our engines? Of course, you can always buy a new car, but when it comes to our bodies…

The leading question was: do you prefer health or comfort?
Nutrition – I suggest homemade jars. Only you can do it properly – no complex sugars, starches and who knows what else. Only you know how good your own jar is.

P.S. : homemade baby food jar that I make, is good for more than 14 days, if stored in fridge. I sweetened it with honey, a real miracle of nature. You can find the recipe HERE!

Heal yourself!

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