Before you start typing out your question, please make sure to check these Frequently Asked Questions. It is very likely that you fill find your answer there. Which saves time for everyone… Thank you for understanding. 🙂

What is SCD?
SCD aka Special Carbohydrate Diet, is a special diet that can help you recover from almost any illness. You can find the specifics on healwithmeal.net in the What is SCD section. 
Is SCD a lifestyle?
It definitely is a lifestyle, not just a simple diet. The way SCD works lets us go where we as species have been evolving towards for millions of years and also lets us restore our immune system. And there is no place for any illness, where a proper immune system functions.
What is the success rate of SCD?
Basically 100%, of which hundreds of thousands of people are its proof. The only time where SCD fails is when we don’t actually go through with it.
Do you have personal experience with SCD?
Extensive 🙂 You can read about it on healwithmeal.net, SCD section. 
What is the best time to start with SCD?
Right this very instant! 🙂 
What are the risks of SCD?
If followed correctly… Absolute health? 🙂 
Will I lack any important vitamins or minerals when with SCD?
This is a very interesting question. As long as people eat “regular” food that mostly lacks everything, everyone feels safe… But as soon as they start eating foods that contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals… They suddenly get terrified that they will start lacking something. 🙂 So NO… you will want for nothing, if anything you will have more of it than ever before. 
Can a 'healthy' person use SCD for prevention?
Certainly. The number of people with awareness that what we eat is much more important than we are led to believe increases. With this diet you can prepare yourself a completely different future, than with regular diet. And if you are able to think like this, you have a huge headstart. 🙂 
How to even start? Do you have some sort of manual?
Yes we do… You can get it in our program “Heal with meal – Guide”
SCD versus GAPS - what is the difference, what is your opinion?
GAPS is derived from SCD, but it was modified to treat psychological issues. It includes foods that feed the “bad bacteria” and for this reason, it doesn’t make much sense to us.
Can SCD be combined with other diets?
That is not a good idea 🙂 SCD works, only if it’s followed and maintained. Considering this diet lacks nothing, good taste included, there is no reason for combinations.
How available are the ingredients that SCD works with?
Not an issue… SCD does not use any exotic foods.
Can I lose weight with SCD?<br /> And what if I am underweight and keep losing pounds?<br />
With SCD, your body finds its ideal weight. So not only you can lose extra pounds but we have also successfully applied SCD to an eating disorder case.
Can you build a diet plan?
No. We don’t do this for couple reasons. Everyone has different issues and we want to teach you how to help yourself, so you are not entirely reliant on us. We don’t want to give you just “another pill”.
How do I phase SCD into my life if I am busy all day every day?
If it is truly this serious, I would consider a change. We really aren’t here to work 24/7. 🙂   
Is SCD suitable for children? Or can it be too late to start?
Can it really be ever too soon or too late to fix your immunity? SCD is suitable for all ages. 
What happens if I cheat?
You will feed the harmful bacteria… If you are careful, it won’t happen. And even should this occur, you can jump right back and it’s not a big problem. 🙂