Being our own “walking advertisement” 🙂

And so it came to pass that our fridge was becoming closer to its former self, that is to say, void of content. One chilli pepper, one bunch of celery, and two shallots. Which demands us to go shopping for some fresh treats. You really can’t make much of anything with these final ingredients. Only perhaps if I were to use the magical formula “abracadabra” 🙂 We refuse to throw out any food so we make sure to use every last bit imaginable. Since we buy stuff for Raw and SCD it’s not such a hard task to accomplish.
Long story short, Wednesday shopping was the plan. Middle of the week so fewer people are milling about. It was just another day doing groceries. It’s been some time since we started with SCD so we know where all of our favorite things are. In other words, not only does your shopping take less time, once you know exactly what you want, but also you will find out how many redundant or useless items there are in large shops. Many products that are supposed to make money but offer nothing in return to the consumer.

Largest amount of time is spent in the fruits and vegetables section – well that goes for winter season, in the summer we buy exclusively from local farmer’s market. You can imagine what our shopping cart looks like 🙂 And then it’s straight to the register. Once there we noticed a new cashier lady that we have never seen before in our years of shopping in this store. We greet as usual and start putting our stuff on the register. Once the lady saw it she remarked: “That’s a lot of fruit and vegetables, you will definitely be really healthy now!” We looked at each other with Radek and replied: “But we are already healthy!” 🙂

From that moment she started to examine us and pondered for a bit. “So what are you having for lunch today?” She asked. I told her that I will write her down an website address where she can find everything for herself. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our business cards on our persons, which was a mistake for sure. She stopped marking our things and quickly looked for a pencil, apparently that became more important than her work. I told her the address, and with a satisfied smile she put the paper away and continued her work. Meanwhile, as we were putting the items back in the cart we quickly explained how slender, healthy and full of energy she will become.  Our dialogue was overheard by another person behind us, she confessed her own experience with our local Czech lettuce, she said she feels much sharper and thinking on her feet is much easier, probably because I explained earlier that fresh and raw food has a very positive effect on our brain function. She was quite happy that I was able to confirm her experience and asked for the address as well. The cashier paused her work yet again and found another piece of paper and pencil and handed them to the customer.  Nakup_Marky_SCD_recipes-17

Interesting to note that the growing line of people was not disgruntled or complaining, everyone was sort of curious what are we talking about. The cashier admitted that it must be working because we look very good. 😀

You know we used to have the tendency to explain everything to everyone, how to heal, how to eat, how to cook, how to be beautiful or slender, and it’s because our euphoria of health was something we wanted to desperately share. But these days we know that was not the right attitude. There is no sense in trying to convince anyone to go into SCD, even if it’s obvious they need it. The only thing we can do is INSPIRE. Inspire with our own story, our own life, our own appearance. And that is what happened today in the best way possible.  🙂