Hello everyone, here we are with a continuation on the topic of beans.

I want to remind you to ALWAYS keep in mind the main rule of thumb of bean (and lentil) preparation as recommended by Elaine řipomínám informaci, dried beans must be soaked for at least 12 hours, and do not use the water from the soaking !!! 

Faba bean – AKA broad bean – vicia faba
ILLEGAL –  contains the polysaccharide amylopectin

Haricot (Navy) – haricot – phaseolus vulgaris
Haricot beans are small white and oval in shape

Kidney – phaseolus  vulgaris
– dried or raw, but only after symptoms subside
Usually speckled and varying in color, kidney shaped.
note: I have heard that these are not often used in meals, they are mostly for decoration but…

Pinto – phaseolus vulgaris
ILLEGAL – Elaine was not able to ascertain the molecular structure of starch in this one

Red – phaseolus vulgaris
LEGAL – introduce them carefully, this is an advanced item in the list

Peanuts –  arachis hypogaea
LEGAL – Elaine states that they are allowed
ILLEGAL – we do not recommend them and we warn you of them based on our own experiences, they contain too many potentially harmful substances, which can endanger the healing process and your liver. Radek has mentioned before in webinars and elsewhere how peanuts have caused him his second relapse. And last but not least, remember that in order to make the peanuts look so attractive, they are covered with a layer of starch, which is another reason to avoid them in our diet 🙂

Peanuts. Close-up.

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