Before we go into the recipes, I prepared some tips and tricks so that you can get used to the new regime in the kitchen as swiftly and comfortably as possible.

But it’s the same as with everything, something new piques your interest, you try a new recipe and sooner or later it becomes a routine, you become a master. In our case a master of SCD. Every time I want to put out a new recipe I have to cook it first, sometimes even multiple times. Especially, when it’s a brand new recipe intended specifically for SCD.

Just so you know, there are a lot of recipes out there with SCD in mind. Even Elaine Gottschall’s book has quite a few of them, but I personally used them for cooking maybe twice. Once I calmed down and realized, that cooking with SCD is not all that different, I started adapting and adjusting the recipes and even ended up making up my own. So as soon as I’m done cooking and it’s looking good, I take pictures for the gallery. It’s also for your benefit, to get an idea what the meals can look like. After all, the aesthetic part is also important to the enjoyment of food. Most important thing for me to do here however, is making the recipes as accurate and easy to understand as possible. Maybe you know this from experience, but once you cook for yourself for some time, you only really have a slip of paper with some amounts of certain ingredients and the rest you mostly make up as you go, it’s a habit you don’t easily forget. And sometimes you may even totally wing it, that’s what I do at least. My goal remains the same, make it as easy and enjoyable for you to get going on your path and have fun with the food, while realizing that not everyone is a skilled chef in the kitchen.

Believe me when I say, I do my absolute best when I write these recipes. You may find an error despite all that, I am after all just a human. Feel free to email me, I will be very grateful. 🙂 If you have some interesting idea or need an advice, I will happy welcome it, improvement is something that has no limits. When it comes to amounts and times, don’t consider them to be sacred. I go by what I have at my disposal, so conditions will be different depending on everyone’s kitchen and capabilities.

I have an electric stove with two hotplates, and besides a refrigerator with a freezer, I also have a combined microwave oven Whirlpool 6th Sense with a crisp plate which is 28cm in diameter. My kitchen is not on the level of a television production and I have signed no sponsorships, but despite that, I have fun cooking and baking anything I need. Whenever I’m cooking something big, or for a lot of people, I go up a floor where my mother Eliška lives and she gladly lets me use her gas oven. Might be a good time to point out, that where there is will, there is a way. You can start anything you put your mind to. It takes a firm decision and even a small kitchen may change your life.

There are more than enough recipes on our site to get you started and allow SCD nutrition come into your life. It would bring me joy if our recipes inspire you and make you happy. And if you want more recipes, you can find our E-books in the right side of the page, just click the picture. Once you understand the principles of SCD, you get accustomed to the ingredients that SCD is working with, it’s time to start experimenting and making your own favorite SCD dishes. You will have no problem preparing your own meals with love and care.

When cooking with flour, especially with bread, I list the amounts in cups. I took that from Elaine, where she uses the term “cups of nuts”. Problem is, it’s not really specified how much is in one cup. And it would appear that this terminology is not as detailed as people would like, so I’m here to inform you that (at least for the purposes of our recipes), one full cup is 260 ml (8.7 oz). Full cup of banana flour weighs 150 g, full cup of nut flour is 130g.

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