Before we go into cooking, I want to point out some tips and tricks that I myself use, so you don’t have to wander and stumble around with no direction so you can go to the nitty gritty as soon as possible.

But it’s the same as with everything, you like something new, try a new recipe and sooner or later it becomes a routine, you become a master. In our case SCD masters. Every time I want to put out a new recipe I have to cook it again. Partly because I want to take awesome pictures for the gallery but also because I have to write up ingredients, amounts, walkthrough and I want them to be as accurate as possible. I’m sure you know this well, you can wing the process but there is always a slip of paper with ingredients and such, to remind ourselves every now and again. Some meals don’t require a recipe at all.

I thought about the form of recipes a lot. I wanted everyone to enjoy SCD and I know not everyone is a master chef. If you will ever need an advice or some idea, write to us, we always welcome feedback in order to improve ourselves. When it comes to amounts and times take those as a baseline, everyone has a different oven, different kitchens and habits.

I have electric stove with two hotplates, combined microwave oven and with only these little things in my small kitchen kingdom, I’m able to cook pretty much anything. When I need a bigger oven (for pumpkins for example) I go up a floor where my mother Eliška lives and she gladly lets me use her gas oven. Might be a good time to point out, that where there is will, there is a way. But it’s not just about tools and machines in the kitchen, be aware of the amounts and ingredients, their size and volume.

A little side note. There are just about enough recipes to get you started and let SCD flow into your body. Let the recipes be your inspiration. Once you get familiar with the ingredients it’s time to start experimenting and making your own favorite SCD dishes. I will keep adding new recipes every week, sometimes even more so keep an eye out! Also when cooking with almond flour I list the amounts in cups. I got that from Elaine. One full cup is 260 ml (8.7 oz), cup of banana flour weighs 150 g, same cup filled with nuts weighs 130 g.

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