Yesterday, my very good friend Pavel called me. He was baking some SCD bread, which made me very happy and he just wanted to make sure he’s got the right ingredients. So I thought it would be prudent to write about them in more detail here. I want to say, if you are going to replace some ingredients the way you see fit, it could have major impact on the outcome. Specifically, changing the kind of spinach or curd, or even using starch powder instead of baking soda. I recommend using the list often, that’s at least how I did it when I first started. As Radek wrote about SCD, it’s up to you whether you want to recover and if SCD will work for you. If you cheat, even a little bit, it just won’t work and you will be disappointed. But we are adults, and we realize we would only cheat ourselves. In the recipes we talk about ingredients that I use. These are tried and true, so I hope everything goes well for you 🙂 So, at first try to follow the recipes closely, especially if it’s something like bread. Such recipes are a bit advanced. And feel free to ask, we will be happy to answer and guide you.

Med_Marky_SCD_recipes-10HONEYwe order our honey from our beekeeper friend, and quite often. Since the consumption of honey is rather frequent. For SCD Diet the quality of honey is important. Specifically it must not contain added sugar. For us, honey is number 1 sweetener and not just because it’s a miracle of nature, but also because it’s one of best tolerated foods of all SCD enthusiasts. More detailed information on honey’s color, consistency, and other specifics can be found on our site – What’s up with honey? (article soon) and Visiting a Beekeeper (article soon).

EGGS – we buy our eggs from convenience stores. Color of the shell is important, how clean and intact it is. That shows the quality. When you get eggs from farmers directly eat them as soon as possible and clean them before preparing.

CURDonly aged and hard, just like with cheese. Sometimes referred to as cottage cheese here in our region. Lactose has a different, transformed form and in this case is suitable for SCD. We used to buy Olesnicky tvaroh (200g), because we haven’t been making our own 24H SCD yogurt. But times change and today, thanks to our yogurt maker we make our own curd SCD Lučina.
Maslo_Marky_SCD_recipes-10BUTTER – for baking, we use butter, not margarine. And we pick the ones with 80+ % of fat. South Bohemian or Madeta. I tried various Bio-butters from supermarkets, but I saw no difference. The only butter that I might prefer would be from Italian cows straight from the farmers. I would compare its taste to melted cheese, I love it. It’s possible to get it here as well, but it has to be from a specialized store. Gran Moravia offers quality butter for example.
SODA – baking soda, white powder, very cheap. Don’t use baking powder however, that one is illegal for SCD because of corn starch that it contains.
COCONUT OIL – I started using it quite a lot lately. I try to switch it around with butter. It’s one of the best oils out there, you can find out more here COCONUT OIL and Coconut Pie recipe. This specific picture here comes from the site

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