Basic information for flour, because who wouldn’t like to bake some bread, baguettes, muffins or a pie?
We grind our flour from nuts, most often it’s almonds or cashews. You can buy already pre-ground flour from healthy foods stores but from my experience I recommend buying whole nuts and grinding it yourself. You save a lot of money and the quality of the nuts is important. And I found the stores lacking. I advise you to find some wholesale distributing dried goods, their prices are vastly different from local shops.

We grind the flour with blender Kenwood HB 891 – stick blender, that has a double sided disc, whisk accessory but most importantly a food processor with strong knives specially made for grinding the nuts.
Other than flour from almonds, cashews, pecans or hazelnuts you can also bake using acorn flour or coconuts and mix them how you want. In case you are not sure, refer to legal – illegal list where you can find the right and wrong ingredients.

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