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What is SCD?
Is SCD a lifestyle?
What is the success rate of SCD?
Do you have personal experience with SCD?
What is the best time to start with SCD?
What are the risks of SCD?
Will I lack any important vitamins or minerals when with SCD?
Can a 'healthy' person use SCD for prevention?
How to even start? Do you have some sort of manual?
SCD versus GAPS - what is the difference, what is your opinion?
Can SCD be combined with other diets?
How available are the ingredients that SCD works with?
Can I lose weight with SCD?
And what if I am underweight and keep losing pounds?
Can you build a diet plan?
How do I phase SCD into my life if I am busy all day every day?
Is SCD suitable for children? Or can it be too late to start?
What happens if I cheat?